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Abbonati alla rivista

On Sunday the 3rd of April, a delegation from the Italian think tank Nazione Futura carried out an international observation mission of the national elections in Hungary accredited by the Hungarian authorities. During the election day, the delegation visited dozens of polling stations in the city of Budapest and many neighbouring districts. It was an election characterized by the presence of 900 international observers, a notably higher number than in the 2018 elections. According to the Hungarian law, in order to ensure the regularity of the voting process, seven officials and one president of section were present in each electoral station. The officials were composed of three independent members, two members close to the majority and two to the opposition, with the aim of ensuring the correct conduct of the electoral process. The electoral process went smoothly and no anomalies were found in any of the polling stations visited by the delegation.

Among the sections observed by the Nazione Futura delegation there was also the polling station in Budapest in which non-residents vote, with a significant participation to the vote recorded.

“We spent the last week in Hungary – Francesco Giubilei, the President of Nazione Futura that led the Italian delegation, explains – following the electoral campaign, the coverage of the elections by the media and monitoring the polling stations on the day of the vote. During this activity, by visiting numerous polling stations with our delegation, we noted that the electoral process was conducted regularly”.

“During the electoral day – the Vice President Ferrante De Benedictis and the Secretary General Daniele Dell’Orco added – we did not only check that the documentation was correct but we also asked various questions to the voters and the officials, particularly from the opposition, to ask if they had found any anomalies”.

The members of the delegation, being registered in the National Election Office, could enter polling stations throughout Hungary in total freedom and choose independently where to go. This independence ensured that the observation activity was carried out in the most transparent possible manner.

A full report will be published this week with the outcome of the delegation’s electoral mission to Hungary.